A Name Change and a Brand New Look

Jan 20

From Flourish and Bloom Events to Lilyput

I’ve received so many similar questions about the business name change – Why did you change the name? What does Lilyput mean? How’d you come up with Lilyput?

In early 2018, I joined Shanna Skidmore’s, The Blueprint Model, an online business course to teach entrepreneurs to feel secure about their finances and confident in the direction of their business. I wasn’t feeling good about either and it was the best course I could’ve taken. More on that here. In the meantime, I felt like I needed to Trademark my business name if I wanted to be serious and do all of the things I had planned during Blueprint. After a consult with Joey from Indie Law, he suggested I meet with Patrick from Jingleheimer to work on a name change. It came down to the fact that Flourish and Bloom Events is a mouthful and I was never happy with it. It’s also the combination of two very popular words in this industry.

Jingleheimer sent me a questionnaire and we started the process. It was a hard decision for me and I actually didn’t choose Lilyput in the first round. He did some design and copy mock-ups along with new name choices in round two and I ended up loving Lilyput. I love that it’s pivotal, short, and unique.

Brand Design

Before my wedding business, I was a graphic designer and focused my craft on brands and websites. I was going to outsource to a very talented brand designer but in the end, I decided to handle the design myself. I kept the color scheme simple but translatable across many platforms. Since flowers are already so colorful and beautiful, I wanted my branding to be able to go with a variety of color palettes. I also wanted it to look different than so many across the industry.

Lilyput Bespoke Weddings brand board


I purchased a template from Saffron Avenue for Showit and WordPress. I absolutely could have designed something myself but I chose to purchase a template because I loved the Willow template. I plan to continue blogging on a consistent schedule and create beautiful content. I hope you’ll follow along!

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